Course Outline

ASL Recording Program consists of 288 hours of lecture and practical applications in addition to 96 hours of labs.  21 of those hours are considered to be Master Class level lectures that focus on specific applications plus 15 hours of engineering actual studio sessions.


Studio Etiquette                                                                        WEEK 1

The Nature of Sound                                                            WEEK 2

Digital Audio Conversion                                                WEEK 3

Audio Interfaces                                                            WEEK 4

Analog and Digital Connectors                                                WEEK 5

Analog Signal Flow                                                            WEEK 6

Digital Signal Flow                                                                  WEEK 7

Microphone Designs, techniques and Applications            WEEK 8




Patch Bay Construction and Maintenance                        WEEK 9

Amplifier Design                                                            WEEK 10

Inserts 1: In Line Processor Designs                                    WEEK 11

Inserts 2: Hardware/Software In Line Processor Chains            WEEK 12

Parallel Processor Designs                                                WEEK 13



DAW Recording Techniques and Shortcuts                        WEEK 14

Pro Tools Deep Dive                                                            WEEK 15

Advanced Feature of Pro Tools 1                                    WEEK 16

Advanced Features of Pro Tools 2                                    WEEK 17



Editing Techniques                                                            WEEK 18

Time Based Editing and Window Configurations            WEEK 19

Mixing Outside the Box (OTB) Analog Console 1            WEEK 20

Mixing Outside the Box (OTB) Analog Console 2            WEEK 21

Mixing ITB with Control Surfaces 1                                    WEEK 22

Mixing ITB with Control Surfaces 2                                   WEEK 23

Final Recording Engineer Class            (Gauntlet Test)    WEEK 24



Vocal Recording Master Class                                                WEEK 25

Drum Recording Master Class                                                WEEK 26

Bass Guitar Recording Master Class                                       WEEK 27

Guitar Recording Master Class                                                WEEK 28

Brass Recording Master Class                                                 WEEK 29

String Recording Master Class                                                WEEK 30

Session Management Master Class                                       WEEK 31

Mastering Overview Master Class                                          WEEK 32