ASL is an intensely driven high energy training program consisting of four courses in addition to six master classes designed for audio engineers and producers wishing to catapult themselves into a successful music industry career, housed inside of one of the most famous recording studios in the world; QUAD Recording Studios. The lectures are structured such that they segue beautifully into hands-on practical applications and then to dynamic labs on a weekly basis.  By the last section of courses, students participate in internships while also attending master classes taught by some of the top names in the business.  These are not the typical internships you may have heard of that happen in the music industry that consist ofjust running to get coffee and doughnuts.  Although there may be some of that, this internship program utilizes your skill sets in actual recording sessions.   The difference is that it is apprenticeship based with a unique philosophy that focuses on empowering artists, producers, and technical individuals.  We show you the principles, secrets, techniques, and practices of recording, mixing, and mastering as a part of the process of creating the highest quality products and services.  Just one look at QUAD Recording Studio’s clientele from the past and now and you realize that this is the real deal, buzzing with music industry energy 24 hours a day which makes it easy for ASL to quarry from a massive pool of award winning engineers to support the program.