Advanced Studio Learning is a collection of workshop style classes that involve lecture, practical applications, and lab sessions.  The difference is that it is apprenticeship based with a unique philosophy that focuses on empowering artists, producers, and technical individuals.  We show you the principles, secrets, techniques, and practices of recording, mixing, and mastering as a part of the process of creating the highest quality products and services.

There is much more to putting a successful product together besides pressing the right buttons on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation-You’ll learn that too).  Advanced Studio Learning realizes this and has surrounded itself with great artists, producers, and instructors who operate according to this.  You are being connected with mentors who can assist you one-on-one toward reaching your goals.

At ASL, you will not get an education in a traditional classroom. At ASL, your lessons will be in the very rooms that some of the biggest hits are recorded in. Around your schedule will be sessions of some of the biggest names in the industry. This is not your traditional audio school!