Lecture material

Quad recording studio engineers and members of the ASL staff have participated in the textbook and other literary materials specifically written for our program.  The textbook, authored by James Dumaine, represents 20 years of experience in audio engineering and music production.    Because of its vertical approach, the term “rabbit hole” comes to mind when looking at the content of the course book.  The book, “the zengineer connection,” takes the team of student and instructor on a journey to create a successful recording project. Each section segues beautifully to opportunities for meaningful activities in the practical discussions and hands-on labs.  Some books inform you about the tools of the trade, others show you how particular devices work; some tell you how to operate specific recording programs and others outline isolated recording techniques.  This textbook, and its accompanying coursework, integrate all of the above.  The material is among the most complete and detailed collections of available information about audio engineering. Accessible in both print and digital, it is filled with links, jump scripts, videos, and pop-ups to support your educational experience and research paths.  For both aspiring engineers and seasoned professionals alike, it’s truly a valuable resource!