Master class

To learn from those who have made a unique impact on the world in some way, shape, or form is an incredible opportunity. ASL has organized its master classes to be presented by some of the best and most successful engineers from the world of audio engineering.    Master classes are structured, fully hands-on, project-based ventures designed to challenge both ASL students and seasoned professionals with core concepts as they apply to modern production situations.  Students are required to make decisions or recommendations on real-world production problems.

Each master class focuses on a specific genre, with unique instrumentation and music production demands.  The class draws significant input from guest speakers, faculty members, project sponsors, and other members of the professional community; acting as a bridge between the practical educational experience and real-world practice.  Learning by doing is an excellent way to put dynamic technical knowledge into practice.  The classes require a high level of commitment, both inside and outside, of the class environment.  Both the student-level ASL student and the seasoned professional will benefit from the master class which includes a long list of professional contacts and real-world experience; reward for the demanding fieldwork and integrated learning activities applied as an effective entry point into joining or rejoining the music industry community.

In these session-driven projects, teams of four to six students are mentored by ASL faculty and music industry professionals.  Teams will complete actionable production goals from incubation stages to final products.  Project sponsors get finished productions while students gain invaluable real-world experience.