Keep in mind that in any industry there are many competitors who are all after one thing: your money. They mention that your career is their first priority, that they have what it takes to get you prepared, that they have top equipment, and that they have a stand out facility in order to attract potential students. ASL has decided to expose many of the common strategic practices many schools use. While these facilities provide valuable knowledge, ask any successful recording engineer and they will tell you that the real knowledge comes from internships and time spent working in recording studios.

Quad recording studios has teamed up with James Dumaine, an audio school veteran, to bring you advanced studio learning. This is where recording studio and audio school fuse together to give you the best audio school experience currently out there. We decided to provide this educational package partially because we have seen the results of many students who come from these traditional audio schools. Not only are they not prepared technically, many are lacking some very key elements that make a great engineer. ASL bridges this gap by applying your education in a real recording recording studio that is constantly hosting some of the biggest sessions in the world.

Transitioning from classrooms to recording studios is not an easy task and can take months if not years for students to adapt. The fast pace quick thinking environment of a recording engineer is not something that can be taught in schools. On average, students need over a year of training after graduating before engineer real studio sessions. No matter how hard schools try to replicate the studio environment, they will never come close to delivering the experience. Real studio sessions with demanding artists over your shoulders can never be replicated in a classroom or school studio. Unlike other schools, our only mission is to create the best engineers in the business hands down.

Perhaps the biggest factor to consider is the cost of tuition. Not only do traditional audio schools not prepare you for the real world, their costs are so outrageous that students find themselves paying off their loan for the next 15 or even 20 years. With ASL you will be done in 3 years and have the time and experience no other school get give you.


Tuition costs

ASL program includes Practical Studio Application and Master Class. Course tuition does not include learning material.

Practical Studio Application courses and Master Class (6+2 months): $13,950.00

The Master Class program can be purchased separately from our ASL program. You will be tested to determine eligibility pre-registration. The Master class is part of the complete ASL program and is included in your tuition.

Master class course (2 months): $5,995.00

Payment options

At ASL, we placed the program within reach of any motivated individuals who are passionate about the audio field. Our tuition price is lower then almost any audio school out there and the knowledge obtained here is second to none. Our financing options allow you to start with a deposit as low as $2,000 and payments starting at $395 a month.