We realize that you have a choice between many great schools but none offer this level of hands-on engagement that ASL offers.  In fact, we are so meticulous about providing you with all of the information you need that we created our own books on the subjects complete with visuals, links, illustrations, and tools to sharpen your listening and operating skill sets!  No other school can boast about the number of successful music production projects and hit records that have been produced in their facility as much as ASL at QUAD Recording Studios.  (Quadnyc.com)  ASL has surrounded itself in an environment of great artists, producers, engineers and instructors who work in the industry on a daily basis using many of the secrets to recording, mixing, and mastering a production.  That being said, when you walk into ASL, you quickly realize that you have walked into a portal to the music industry with folks that believe that being exceptional at your skill puts you in demand.  So look at your goals for success in the music industry, set your sites at being exceptional, and get with the ASL program and learn with the pros!

Why us?

For the past 30 years, QUAD recording has been approached by so many new engineer graduates from some of the best schools requesting to work or to intern.  The results have been consistent that while these students may possess some of the basic skills needed to set up recording sessions and to work with computer based recording systems, most do not have the dynamic skills needed to help a studio business run on a day to day basis.  The truth is ASL at QUAD can do it better than other institutions who have never put out any award winning hit records, never run a successful recording studio, and who rely mainly on book knowledge to educate their students.